Quick Release Upgrade Program for 1x1 and 2x1 panels
We are happy to release the upgrade program for owners of F&V LED panels.

No more distance holders and small parts that you can loose, the upgraded system consists of new edges with quick release buttons that you can directly use with a wide range of optional light shaping accessories that click into those edges directly.
As a thank you, we provide the new quick release edges and a diffusor that works with it for free (shipping costs apply) to all owners of K4000, K4000S, Z400, Z400S, K8000, K8000S, Z1200 and Z1200S panels that are members of our Bright Future Program.
How to apply for the new corners:

1) register with the F&V Bright Future Program
2) register your F&V products from within your member area
3) apply for Quick Release Upgrade from within your member area
4) after approval you get a code that reduces the costs of the new edges and diffusor in the store to 0 and you can place your order
5) order through your local F&V store (shipping costs apply) and enjoy your F&V panels with the new Quick Release fitting!